Stay Constant Learners


The acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience and study is a process that we are always going through. Learning is the cornerstone of innovation and progress. Therefore, if we are to stay on track to achieve our goals, we have to be constant learners. A constant learner is someone who is always on the search for knowledge. Whether that be through seminars, podcasts, books, or interactions with specific individuals, they strategically place themselves in situations where they can grasp a new understanding of something. The process of learning is both external and internal. Knowing yourself entails understanding what you like, why you like it, and how you will aspire to get what you want. Following that, establishing set routines aid in the process of helping you secure your innate desires. For added context, successful figures such as Beyoncé Knowles, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk are said to be on the search for knowledge at all times. Their drive to always push new boundaries and continuously raise the bar is a trait that we all should strive to achieve. Our ever-changing world demands that we be persistent in our pursuit of new abilities and information. Thus, it is vital to transform ourselves into constant learners so that we can keep up and exceed the expectations of the world around us.


Knowing Yourself


The first step in the business of learning is knowing yourself.




Because understanding yourself helps you realize both what you need to know and what you want to know.


We all have desires, talents, and aspirations that come naturally to us. Some people are blessed with the ability to perform; others are mathematically gifted. On the other hand, some individuals might desire to be astronauts, and the list goes on. Regardless of where your aspirations lie, knowing what they are is the foundation for your journey of learning. After knowing what you like, the next step is grasping why you like it. There is a powerful quote that states, “When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.” Often, being aware of what you like is not enough. Instead, it is your why that will propel you forward when hard times inevitably arrive. Discovering your why does not have to be a tedious process. Ask yourself:  

1.    What makes you come alive?

2.    What are you naturally drawn to?

3.    Where can you see yourself adding the most significant value?

4.    How do you measure success?


Stimulating questions such as these are the catalyst for anyone attempting to get to the root of their aspirations. They encourage you to dig deep and gain a clear understanding of why you like what you like. Once you know your why remaining steadfast on the path towards your goals becomes more straightforward.

At the moment your goals, along with your why, have been brought to life, the neighboring step is to craft a plan. Understanding your what and why is great, but now it’s time to turn your dreams into a reality. Typically, this is where a large part of external learning comes to play. In the process of creating a plan, start by looking towards the people that have the life you want to live. If you’re interested in business, research what the top business moguls did to reach where they are now. Want to own a restaurant? Seek a mentor or purchase books by people you look up to so that you can understand the step by step actions they took to get to their current position. Integrative learning through books, people, and experience is the best way to help shift your mindset from who you are now, to who you could be. Knowing yourself is the first milestone that everyone should strive to accomplish. When you know yourself, the resources, individuals, and experiences you ought to aim to become so much clearer. 


Establish Routines


Past publisher of SUCCESS Magazine, Darren Hardy, once said, “Each choice starts a behavior that over time becomes a habit.” Habits are the substructures for routines, and a good routine is what distinguishes those who accomplish their goals from those who don’t. Every action we decide to pursue should be done only after giving it an ample amount of conscious thought. While most of us might believe that the small everyday decisions that we make in our lives don’t make a big difference, that is not necessarily true. In essence, “We are what we repeatedly do.”


The constant part of the phrase “constant learner” implies that we, as people on the hunt for success, should be learning every single day. This means that our daily routines should provide us with the opportunities to pick up new information from the moment we wake up to the time we lay ourselves to sleep. To create a routine where you can best optimize your time to be a constant learner here are some tips:

1.    Create a List of Your Daily Task

a.    Whether you physically write or type the things you need to do, having a to-do list helps you visualize everything that needs to be accomplished for the upcoming day. Additionally, it enables you to notice the tasks in your life that are not as important.

2.    Prioritize and Make a Schedule

a.    After creating a list of your tasks, prioritize them. Everything on your list is not equal, so it is important to do the things that matter first. Then create a schedule. It’s one thing to know what you have to do; it’s another thing to figure out when you are going to accomplish your goal

3.    Develop a Morning Ritual

a.    The first moments of us being away is crucial to determining how the rest of our day is going to go. Rather than being on your phone, here are some things you can engage in to sharpen your mind early in the morning:

  i. Engage in a new exercises

  ii. Complete your most challenging task first

 iii. Perform some meditation

 iv. Engage in some reading

  v. Plan the rest of your day

4.    Remain Flexible

a.    Life is unpredictable, so don’t remain so strict to your routine that you aren’t able to go with the flow as needed.

5.    Spend Your Time Wisely

a.    If you notice in your schedule that you allocate too much time watching TV or on the internet, change it! Instead, buy books, attend seminars, and participate in activities that will help you reach your goals.


In life, we all must remain constant learners. Stagnation frequently leads to us drifting further and further away from our goals. From this day on, make it a point to utilize knowledge from all sources in your life to keep your mind active, alert, and ready to take on any challenge. 

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