Top 3 Reasons You’re Your Biggest Asset

An asset is a useful or valuable thing, person, or quality. In life, you are your biggest asset. What does this mean? Essentially, the essence of who you are should be your most prized possession because it is you who holds the key to your success. Hence, since you are your biggest asset, you have to make sure that you are well taken care of. Caring for yourself like an asset involves nurturing your health, setting aside time to invest in activities that you enjoy, and continuously learning new material. By fulfilling these three points, you not only help maintain you create an internal environment where your best self can flourish. 


Health Plan 


There are three components of your health that you should always keep in mind. They include your mental health, physical health, and emotional health. When one of these elements is not aligned, it can throw you for an intense loop. Your mental health consists of your condition concerning your psychological and emotional well-being. Maintaining this part of your health may involve meditating, hanging out with friends, or participating in an activity that helps encourage spiritual alignment such as attending church. Regardless of how you choose to address it, your mental health is a component that should not be overlooked. Next comes your physical health. Research has indicated that individuals that pay close attention to how they take care of their bodies live healthier and happier lives in the end. Think about it, have you ever stuffed yourself full of junk food amid a workout slump? How did that make you feel? Probably not so good. We are a combination of what we do and what we eat. So, it’s vital to make intentional choices regarding our lifestyle choices. 


Having said that, it must be emphasized that everyone is different. What works for your best friend might not work for you. Thus, it is also important to listen to your body to see what works best. For example, some individuals need to eat more carbohydrates because they live very active lifestyles, while others would be better off following a more plant-based diet. Eventually, you find the more attention you pay to your health, the better things such as your attention, energy, and focus will be. The last aspect of your health that you should take into consideration is your emotional health. Your emotional health involves your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. So, the relationships you have with yourself and others plays a big part in determining whether you could be considered healthy or not in this arena. Take a second to analyze the people you have in your life. Do they serve you? Are they reliable? In what ways do these individuals bring joy to your life? If you find yourself answering negatively to these questions, it might be time for you to look for new people in your life. Emotional, like physical and mental health, is a vital part of what makes you who you are. So, if you are going to be your best self and be a worthwhile contributor, you need to take your health in mind. 


Scheduling for Success 


It’s one thing to consider your health and its another thing to consciously set time aside to manifest a healthier lifestyle. This means creating a schedule that promotes the healthiest version of ourselves. Too often, people make the mistake of dedicating their time to individuals, obligations, and activities that stress them out. In reality, our schedules are meant to serve us, not the other way around. When cultivating an impactful schedule you first must start by blocking out time for you. Yes, you. Not your job, family, spouse, or children. Start by devoting specific times in the day, month, or even year to partake in things that you enjoy. This might involve booking an annual snorkeling trip or calling in for a biweekly facial at the spa. As a rule of thumb, schedule a life you’d love to live. Looking at your calendar should not be a stressful process. Instead, your daily agenda should encourage and inspire you to push forward. Only after you schedule a life, then you schedule work. The power of thinking of your schedule is that you begin to view work, not as a destination, but a part of your life that you use to live out your dreams. 


New Learning 


Finally, as human beings, we were born to learn. If we are an asset, we must continue to acquire new information. This is how we become more valuable. Invest in yourself. Buy books, go to seminars, and listen to podcasts to learn how to be the best version of yourself. Every day, we spend our time, energy, and money doing things that ultimately don’t serve us. The average individual spends countless hours on their phone, watching TV, or even lying in bed. There is no reason why we cannot reallocate this same time and energy towards activities and behaviors that will help better ourselves as individuals. 


In our case, the rate of return on learning new material is exponential. For instance, A $15 book can lead to you making millions of dollars just by following the directions listed in the text. Additionally, learning new things does not have to be a time-consuming process. If you are already a busy individual, simply see where you can find time in things that you already do. Since driving to work is something that is ingrained in your daily schedule, replace your morning music with a motivational podcast. If working out at the gym is a consistent thing for you, try stating positive affirmations between each set. Even modeling the behaviors of your mentors and other people you admire can be a type of learning style that helps you improve yourself. The point is, learning is a must. It is how we stay relevant and continue adding value to those around us.  


You are your most valuable asset. Take the time to invest in your health, arrange your schedule in a way that leads to optimal joy, and last but not least, learn new things. In your quest for success, keeping these three elements in mind is sure to take you to levels that you could not have even imagined. 


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