What’s Wrong About Chasing Success & What To Do About It

As go-getters, it’s typical for us to always be on the move. Running from meeting to meeting, packed schedules, and exhaustive to-do list are standard characteristics for your average over-achiever. But, in the midst of accomplishing your goals, it’s important to remember that you are already where you want to be. Yes, that’s right. At this very moment, you are exactly where you need to be. Often times, we forget that where we are right now is a result of our hard work and tenacity of the past. While climbing the corporate ladder, we fail to enjoy our current situation because we are trying to take that one extra step to the next level. While it is essential to understand your potential, it is equally significant to give yourself time to value your current circumstances. 


There’s a famous saying that says, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Essentially, it alludes to the notion that all great things take time. Many times when we look at successful people in our fields and compare ourselves to where they are now in their careers while simultaneously failing to understand how long it took them to get there. Whether they are the CEO of the company you work for, a renowned motivational speaker, or a real-estate powerhouse, we all have someone we look up to in the professional sphere. Nevertheless, while it’s great to appreciate individuals for their present-day accomplishments, we must not forget that they did not make it to where they want to be overnight. For instance, successful companies such as Amazon and Google were first conceived in people’s home garages and cultivated for years before they were ever introduced to the public. 


Moral of the story, great things take time. Keep on moving forward. Don’t obsess over needing to get to a destination because that in and of itself is unhealthy. There is nothing wrong with having materialistic pursuits, but we must be aware that part of this desire is a distraction from enjoying our every day – moment to moment – experiences. Success is somewhat of a mirage, you get a little, and you want more. So take your time, smell the roses, but still work on what makes you happy. 


In closing, make it a point to appreciate where you are now. Sometimes we fail to pat ourselves on the back because we are so busy comparing ourselves to others. It’s time for us to start comparing ourselves to who we are and slowly perfect doing the little things that will get us to the next phase in our careers. Working 100+ hours a week, forfeiting precious time with loved ones, and continually berating ourselves for not being at the pique of our careers is destructive. In reality, this toxic mindset can play a major factor in extending the original time it would take to reach our goals. So, don’t obsess. Take every day one step at a time. Learn to value the “now” and understand that everything will work out in the end. 


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