School doesn’t teach it, but you can’t be rich without it

Traditional public schools serve a purpose. Go to school, get a job, make a company money, and on and on.

But what about you?

Does school train you to be a kick butt Entreprenuer who can move and shake the world? Definitely not.

I’m here to poke you in the direction of a skill set you must learn if you want to be successful. Learn this skill set and you’ll be a business magician making the right decisions left and right.

It’s called Accounting!

Most of the financially successful people I know either have a background in accounting and finance or have acquired these skills because of their business ownership.

Accounting ranks #1 on the list for those who want to be financially literate. More specifically, the ability to read financial statements, the ability to value a company and understand business valuation in general.

Accounting will help you determine the difference between a thriving business with a bright future and an organization that will soon be in bankruptcy.

Now I am not an expert in accounting, but I wrote today to stress it’s importance for any budding Entreprenuer.

Pickup some books on Accounting and Finance to get the edge on your Financial Intelligence.

Some recommendations are

  • The Interpretation of Financial Statements by Michael E Price
  • Security Analysis by Graham
  • Accounting Made Simple by Mike Piper