Expectations Vs Reality in Entreprenuership

You’re a budding entrepreneur and you have an amazing idea. Maybe it’s a new product or service to add to your existing business. Or maybe it’s a new business altogether.

Regardless… words can’t describe how excited you are!

You begin to think about the potential it could be for you. You think how you’re going to bring it to market, how customers will react, what you’ll price it at, what that’ll mean for you businesses valuation, and on and on.

But the visionary aspect of you has taken it too far. You’re thinking about “what if’s” far beyond the stage you’re at in the process.

Here’s my tip…

Take it one step at a time and be open to how it unfolds.

I’m not saying don’t think about the possibilities. My suggestion is to take it one step at a time. In the beginning stages of an idea/opportunity it helps to set goals yet relinquish all expectations. Don’t expect it will go a certain way right away. Do understand good things take time.

Staying calm and centered while pursuing a new venture will serve you best. It’s far better than being head over heels for any new idea.

I’ve been a victim to my own exuberance many times before and I know what it feels like to go overboard. It’s not a pleasant feeling over exciting yourself than realizing the idea/opportunity won’t work.

It feels especially bad if you go around telling people what your going to do only to realize you were way ahead of yourself.

So like I said, here’s my tip… Stay humble in your ideas and endeavors. Look for opportunity yet remain grounded in where you are now and where you want to go.

Like and share this post if you find value in pursuing business opportunities humbly and patiently as opposed to overexcited and boisterous.

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