Buy Then Build by Walker Deibel

GTE Rating: 10/10

(GTE rating or Get the Edge rating is Brock’s version of getting the edge. How great is the material? How new is the material? Is it new or repurposed from others? Will it give you the edge over others and catapult you towards success?)

My last book I gave a 10/10, but this book is the same. You may be thinking I think all books are good. That’s just not the case! This book was absolutely phenomenal. Not only does Deibel take you step by step through his process, he shows you the facts in why he’s so invested in the concept of Acquisition Entrepreneurship to grab hold of your destiny while owning an opportunity that utilizes your strengths.

General Overview:

Walker Deibel‘s Buy Then Build takes the Reader through a journey of a new kind of Entreprenuership. It’s not necessarily new in concept, but it’s a way of doing things that the media isn’t talking about. Buy Then Build is all about buying a company that needs what you offer (your strengths) as opposed to beginning business’s from scratch (startups). Deibel is absolutely convincing both because he’s DONE IT and because the facts are there. It makes a lot of sense to purchase an existing business that cash flows and innovate with its cash flow as opposed to the standard advice of starting a business.

Deibel’s piece takes you through the journey of exactly what it looks like to buy your own existing business. The Baby Boomers have Small Businesses that will need to be acquired because they’re getting old and will need to sell. Also, money has never been cheaper with rates as low as 6% at the date of this writing. The entrepreneur willing to use a SBA loan (Small Business Administration Loans) can acquire a proven business for as little as 10% down. Deibel’s book convinces the reader it’s more important to buy a business than ever before plus lays out the exact step by step process of doing so.

Top 3 Takeaways:

  • “In this book we’ve covered how buying an existing business can be a better model of entrepreneurship simply because it provides a profitable infrastructure, complete with customers, historical performance, and a margin of safety from which to “launch” your own initiatives and leadership.”
  • You don’t have to be like Elon Musk to own and operate a business that produces value for customers! There are Entrepreneurs all over the US taking advantage of acquisition entrepreneurship which is part investing part entrepreneurship. It’s investing because the entrepreneur needs to understand the balance statement or at least have an accountants help. The AE must understand if the underlying asset is a good deal overall. Yet AE is also entrepreneurship because the existing business serves as the platform to which innovation can occur.
  • Not having lumps sums of money to begin a business is no longer an excuse. For as little as 10% down using SBA loans a Acquisition Entrepreneur can gain access to proven income from a business that’s been around. A business can be purchased for as little as 2.5-3 times earnings – meaning a multi-million dollar revenue business can be acquired for low 6 figures. Deibel will take you through the math and illustrate how acquisition entrepreneurship is an incredible ROI for those willing to give it a shot.

Who should read this book?

Buy Then Build is for someone looking for an alternative. This book is for someone willing to be a CEO or at least willing to be an owner and hire a full time manager. The Budding Entrepreneur needs to read this book. If you’ve tried a lot that hasn’t worked it’s time to find something that does. Grab ahold of a cash flowing asset from day one and own a platform to which you can apply your innovation. Lastly, this book is for someone who desires to only read only one book yet become financially successful. It’s all you need to make several hundred thousand a year and have an exit that’ll be in the millions.

Most Profound Quote:

“Now you’re doing something you love, paying yourself, building your team, growing your business, building equity through your debt payments, and reinvesting when needed. Heck, you might even choose to accelerate the growth of your company through additional acquisitions and fund them entirely through the cash flow of your business.

Your business has one thing that no other business has. You. And you are the value creator. Do not wait. Get to work immediately building value.” Read no further…