Relationships – The Secret to Your Lifetime Success

Relationships are of utmost importance for someone looking to succeed over the course of a lifetime. Good friends can inspire you, point out your blind spots, help you rise through the ranks, and give you deep meaningful friendships that last a lifetime.

Life is too short to pursue greatness alone. And all the money in the world can’t buy you friends or trust.

They say it takes awhile to build a reputation and a moment to break it. I’d agree. But what separates those who build a great network for themselves verses those who go at things alone?

Here’s my short list on building high quality relationships for business and life.

  • Offer value to those you want to stay in touch with. How can you help this person? How can you make yourself available when they need? Others need to know what value you offer and that you’re open and willing to extend those resources to them. Do you know someone special? Do you have connections they could leverage?
  • Don’t be afraid to walk up to people in real life. Most of us run into people in everyday life that we’d like to be around. Maybe it’s someone famous. Maybe it’s an A player in your industry. But most budding entrepreneurs take advantage of these situations by approaching the person.
  • Stay connected. In our every “noisy” world it’s hard to capture someone’s attention. But it’s easy to be different by bypassing social media and going straight to the source. If you have a phone number of someone you want to foster and nourish as a close friend… text or call regularly. Use holidays and major events for reasons to stay connected. Send a sincere message with a little hello.
  • Leverage them – I’ve read before that one of the strongest indicators for lifetime success comes down to one’s ability to communicate. This is no different. Are you able to communicate your dreams, visions, and aspirations within your high quality relationships? Do you make it crystal clear to others what you’re looking to accomplish? People cannot help unless we let them know how they can. Be open and authentic allowing those around you to “think of you” when an opportunity arises.

Offering value, approaching new people, and staying connected are great ways to build and nurture relationships to leverage over a lifetime. Remember, nothing great was built alone. We need good friends and people around us to make it happen.

Peace & Love,