The One Philosophy To Change Your Personal and Financial Life

Three second thought…

Focus on this one thing and one thing only to change your financial and personal life.


This is all you have to do. Shift an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset. For better or worse, life begins by having to exchange hours for money like in a first job. But the budding entrepreneur is focused on pushing the boulder up the hill so on the way down it throws money into her pocket making the journey worth it.

But the right vehicle(s) need to be bought or built.

Maybe it’s an online site, maybe a commission based affiliate program partnership with another business. Maybe it’s starting a business. Maybe it’s using commercial debt to the purchase of an existing business. Or even a mixture of all these opportunities.

Did someone say MONEY?!

These are the right vehicles for financial independence, not a job. I don’t recommend people use a job as the vehicle for their financial independence. Especially a low paying hourly one. Unless your job is extremely fulfilling and you’re “learning while earning.” But that’s a talk for another day.

With a change in your financial life you buy your time because your assets CASHFLOW with or without your regular operating necessity.

Then you can take advantage of living a life of your dreams. Maybe that’s traveling. Maybe that’s continuing to build your business. But at least you’ll have that option.

So I’ll end again with this… to change your personal and financial life focus on buying and building assets that cash flow putting money into your pocket.

That’s all you need.

Talk soon…


Reason for image: Thank God in America we are paid on our results and performance. Communist countries don’t have the ability to benefit from to production of assets.