What I had wrong about Social Media…

I’ll open by saying social media is awesome. We have the opportunity to extend our influence far beyond geographic limitations.⁣
That’s all well and good. ⁣

But all this hype about Instagram, fb, linked-in etc, originally had me wanting to extend my footprint online… forgetting to make an impact in person. ⁣

I was wrong. ⁣

Truth is, there is no better way to influence and impact someone, than in real life. ⁣

Over the last year, I’ve had the pleasure of working with this wonderful group of people – and many others – developing their mindsets and growing with them; personally and professionally. ⁣

Social will never recreate real connection with someone. Especially when you can SEE you are making an impact in their life. ⁣

I’m confident the internet, VR, and all other innovative technologies will face challenges simulating that feeling. The “I can see it in their face” feeling. ⁣

So, here’s my message…⁣

If you aren’t making an impact on social, because you don’t have a big footprint, or a bunch of followers, that’s okay. ⁣

There is one person you can help. In real life. That needs your helping hand. It may be at work, at school, or even just walking around daily life. ⁣

Don’t let the small – yet important – connections slip because you’re not some major influencer. ⁣

Have a beautiful day. ⁣

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