A Solution to Negative News from Social Media & Big Box News Channels

For years I didn’t watch the news because I felt it was always bad. Convinced I would only fill myself up with good — as opposed to watching news like “15 dead in (Insert country)”— I found peace in avoidance all together.

Today, I wouldn’t recommend doing what I didn’t then. Although I do feel it’s more beneficial than watching news stations and getting updates from whatever your “friends” are sharing on social media.

Stop downloading fake news

But let me rewind for a second.

I think it’s critically important to have a pulse on what’s going on in the world. It allows the reader/viewer to get a full view of what’s new and possible, and unfortunately the less positive events happening as well.

I’m proposing a “healthier” alternative to the consumption of “what’s going on in the world.”

Before I offer an alternative I need to discuss what we are looking for when we watch the news or browse social media.

Here’s my imperfect list…

  • To follow the things we’re interested in
  • To get an idea of what’s going on in the world
  • Habit or pure boredom

These reasons all mean well. In fact, I think they sound healthy.

But if you don’t already realize, the current form of consumption ie the news or scrolling social media, puts the viewer in the passenger seat of news consumption as opposed to syndicating what matters to them.

Standard strategy leaves you victim to what OTHER people think is important.

This is not to mention the massive waste of time as this is such an inefficient behavior.

A solution to this chaos

Introduce RSS feeds.

(I am no expert in RSS feeds, but have benefited from using an app that follows them.)

RSS feeds stand for “Really Simply Syndication.” There is basically a way RSS feeds scrap everything getting posted on websites and blogs all over the world on the internet.

What they do is simple. Bring everything into one place. Your choice of content. Your choice of what sources to follow. And so much more.

There are features that allow you to “explore” to see a less curated version of current events, purely based on number of shares. AWESOME.

This is waaaay cooler than Im making it sound.

Imagine if you could…

  • Avoid negative news
  • Only follow what you want
  • Access when you want it, not when others want you to see it
  • Also have the benefits of general news syndication without the chaos of social media

I don’t write today because I’m benefiting in any way from you using RSS. I’m writing because it will change your life. Simple.

I use an app called Feedly. Check it out in the App Store.

Checkout this app

I’ve followed everything I like and am interested in, plus I access an “explore” option to be aware of world news.

But I do it when I want! Plus, it gives me such healthy sources to share on my social that aligns with my values.

Here’s a sample of getting RSS

Anyway, if you made it this far you’re ready to change your life. Download Feedly — or an app like it — and take charge of the information you put into your brain.

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