Why it’s okay to have multiple business fails

As most of you know, I’m always reading. I think reading is one of the best things ever.

I mean c’mon, for $10-$20 bucks I can buy – assuming it’s good information – someone’s life’s work.

I can literally pick their brain and build a relationship with someone I don’t have access to.

I digress.

Recently I have been having an internal struggle with swallowing the fact that I’ve had several business “failures” and opportunities I stopped early to do something different.

It bothered me. I was asking myself if I quit too early or if I didn’t commit at all. Then out of nowhere, I was reading and came across some good material that answered by questions.

I was reading a book called “How to win in the sport of business” by Mark Cuban. He’s one of the regular guys on shark tank if you don’t recognize the name.

There were a lot of “takeaways” from the book, but the most important was you only have to be right once.

When I look back on my life, I’ve been creating ideas since the beginning.

But unlike how most “successful entrepreneurs” on social media, none of mine have really worked. I haven’t made anything of significant value.

Here’s some of what I’ve tried just off the top of my head.

A boat party business – lost 3k on my first party.

A Shoe Business – market wasn’t there or at least I didn’t allocate the time and money to find it.

An affiliate party business in Miami – moved from Miami.

Craigslist flipping business – made a little money.

A mental health advocacy Instagram account – actually did really well but I got concerned as I was giving advice without a license.

Blog – still figuring it out…

And on and on and on.

Sometimes I beat myself up for not sticking to one long term, but the truth is I only have to be right once. Now I know that when I begin something that I have to be committed.

The tinkering I was doing when I was younger doesn’t cut it anymore. It doesn’t get me anywhere.

Maybe I could have been wildly successful with one of those, but I’ll get something right. And now I know I only need to hit one “right” to be successful.

Each of these ideas and opportunities have taught me something.

While I’ve stretched to make these opportunities work, all this time I’ve been accumulating knowledge that makes creating opportunities easier for me today.

I could have 10 fails that I lose money by creating, but still make it by having one idea that takes me into the millions (or billions.)

So this message is for anyone who’s down and out. If you’ve tried a lot already, keep going! There is no stopping someone who won’t stop!

Below average people never start, average people stop too early, and above average people keep going until something hits hard!

Brock Laramee

Things I’ve learned along the way so far…

– Do market research.

– Do shadow testing making sure there is buyers before you produce a product.

– Make sure to know exactly what it is the problem your potential customers have.

– Listen to your heart. If it tells you you’re not passionate about something, you may not last till the day where it will actually works. It takes lots of time and energy and if the business isn’t something you care about say goodbye.

– When you make a commitment stick to it, so be very particular to what you say yes to.

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