You can’t do it all, but with a team you can!

Have you ever wanted to start a business, but realized you don’t have enough time? Maybe you have many kids and a full time job. Well, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything at all. It just means you have to get creative.

Understanding how to build teams and attract people to your ventures will be an important skill to acquire. Besides, doing everything on your own is a recipe for disaster and boredom. Who wants to work alone anyway? Not me.

The benefits of working a team are various. But one of the most important is leverage. Leverage of time and resources to be many places at once while not having to be. A properly vetted and trained partner and/or employees can help leverage time and resources.

So let’s say you have a full time gig and want to leverage an additional opportunity. The only resource you’re lacking is time. Well maybe someone else has a bunch of it! That answer more than ever is YES due to global pandemic.

A joint venture agreement where both parties choose to mutually attack an outcome is a good idea. Steps to acquire a good partner may be as follows.

1. Recruit: Post in various places to attract attention to your venture.

2. Vett: Check a few references of person involved and meet in person. Do you like them?

3. Stay connected: Have weekly meetings and metrics that must be hit. Strategic targets each week are necessary .

4. Produce results: Do more with other than you can do alone.

This is an oversimplified version of this process, but it may spark an idea. Just know that “I don’t have enough time” is a story I’ve used in the past to justify not being all I can be.

Have you used this story too?

Connect with me for more information on this or other topics. Much love!

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