Speed over perfection in business

Have you ever spent far too long on a task you realized later wasn’t that important? Yup! I have too…

What I’m learning recently: Speed is more important than perfection in business.

This may seem obvious to many of you, but for me, I’m still learning this. There is a balance between doing a thing right and taking too long to get something done.

You can know how important a task is based on the context. However, in most cases it seems to me that getting a thing done and maintaining momentum is more important than getting a thing done perfectly.

Big time wasters to be aware of:

  1. Taking too long to send an email
  2. Prepping too long for a sales call
  3. Not getting enough done because focused on doing things flawlessly

Just some things that come to mind.

What else in your business is more important to get done quickly than waste time doing it perfect? Comment below

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