Grasping Leverage

Don’t let anyone tell you you cannot do something. When you begin to understand that with the right systems and proper leverage anything is possible. A concept I’ve been meditating on lately is just that: Leverage.

Leverage is used in financing a home.

Leverage is used when conducting advertising on billboards.

Leverage is what makes a hammer pull a nail out of wood.

Where can you apply more leverage in your life?

Im not rich yet, but I want to be. I understand that money is leverage. Having a team is leverage. Marketing online is leverage.

It’s almost like we have to zoom out of the picture, take ourselves out of it, and ask Michael Gerber’s classic “whats missing in this picture?”

That’s how we find what leverage to apply and where it needs applied.

Some questions to ponder:

1. How can I use good debt to make myself rich?

2. How can I pay employees to execute on my vision and reap the levered resource?

Just some thoughts for today… stay tuned.

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