Using Social Media to Leverage Business Success

Ready to have your business take off?

Social Media can be the solution for many businesses looking for exposure and increased sales. Posting consistently can create the brand image a business owner is looking for in the eyes of the consumers. Some brands use Social Media and Calls to Action to make sales directly from Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc while other brands use Social Media to stay relevant. Your business may leverage Social to do a little bit of both; make sales and increase brand awareness. That’s great too!

“Brock, this all sounds great, but I don’t know where to start!” 

Depending on your level of Social Media understanding and ability to allocate time in order to plan ahead, you’ll either want to outsource this task or keep it in-house. If you choose to keep it in-house, here’s a simple plan that can be the foundation of your social posting.

  1. Create the right brand story. Developing a brand story is really about understanding the largest problem your business solves well, how you’d like to communicate that to an audience, and using that language in all posts. I recommend reading the One-Page Marketing Plan and StoryBrand books to learn more on this topic.
  2. Download all helpful apps. Use the existing software that’s already out there and leverage automation, so you can spend less time on social and more time focusing on your business. Some helpful apps for content creation are Canva,, adobe suite, and more. Some great content schedulers are Planoly, Hootsuite, and buffer. Leverage these tools! Use content creators to build “what to post” and use the schedulers to post automatically.
  3. Allocate a time of the week to work on Social Media Content Planning. Don’t be the person who has to sit at their computer or phone every day to make posts. Leverage the above tools and set aside an hour or two every week where you plan your week’s content. This could be Sunday 2-4pm for example to plan and schedule a whole week’s content.
  4. Review Results. There are ways to track insights on social media posts by KPI’s like number of comments, likes, interactions, shares, etc. Learn more about this and know what results are good for you.
  5. Make new iterations. Based on previous KPI’s, one can iterate their social posts until a specific content type works well with the viewers and creates a lot of engagement. Consistently create A/B tests to see what works and iterate closer to what the audience wants. A simple A/B test would be to post very similar photos, yet switching up the captions to see what creates more engagement.
  6. Review results. Review the results of new iterations! It’s so important to review the feedback new social media posts have created and to adjust accordingly. Continue this process until the majority of Social Media posts hit your desired level of engagement. (KPI’s)
  7. Rinse and repeat. Keep doing these steps until you are satisfied with the results! As a business owner, the most important thing for you to do is to create a business that works without your constant output. Once this task is going well, this can be fully delegated to another employee who’d be happy to help.


If you need help with social media, building systems with automation, or anything else, comment below and I’ll get back to you. You can also email me at


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