How to Get Customers to Buy Without Thinking

Something really special happened for me yesterday. Before I was going to the gym, during a completely inconvenient time to buy something, I pulled out my wallet, typed my credit card numbers, and purchased a book from a complete stranger!

In fact, I’m not the type of guy to do business with people I don’t know, but the offer was just so good and I wanted it more than the $7.95 it cost me!

Lets dive into what I think made me buy and how we can create websites and marketing collateral that can convert just like this.

But before I go into that, there’s two books that to talk about; Traffic Secrets by Russel Brunson and Influence by Robert Cialdini.

Traffic Secrets

This book talks a lot about buyers of emotion, logic, and then urgency/fear. For me, I’m a logic buyer. And the offer checked all my boxes. Checkout the list below of what I saw that made me buy:

  1. Photos of others holding the book
  2. Industry Expert Testimonial
  3. A clear offering
  4. Several call to action buttons
  5. 100% money back guarantee
  6. Compelling story on how the book will solve my problem

This offering gave me exactly what I needed to move on with my life. It gave me a clear offer, crisp font, clearly defined call to action, a money back guarantee and so much more. It solved a problem I am interested in solving, so I bought.


Robert Cialdini’s book discusses exactly how this experience happens in real life. Because ours brain are deletion machines, and all people are the same, if an offer “checks all of the boxes” a “click wrrr…” experience occurs where we make purchases without having to burn mental calories deciding if it makes sense.

Cialdini’s book discusses an example where this happens in a jewelry store. Bear with me if the numbers are off the books actual records… but to summarize, a store owner was having issues selling some emerald products.

The touristy town brought in visitors from different countries, still nobody would buy the emerald jewelry priced at $950. Long story short, the owner was out one day, and an employee misread what the offers were.

He thought the new price was 50% off an original price of $5,000, newly pricing the emerald jewelry at $2,500. When the owner came back, he was surprised to find the emeralds were completely SOLD OUT!

The employee had sold the product for more than double the previous price and inventory was gone in a day. What explains this marvelous win?

Well, Cialidini calls this process “click wrrr…” where the human mind see’s opportunity at 50% off and the price of $2,500 illustrates high quality.

So, these tourists bought thinking they were getting a great deal on a quality emerald product. They didn’t think twice! My question is, how can we create offers where this occurs in our everyday life.

How can we create opportunity for ourselves by positioning our product and services with this “click wrrr…” human tendency in mind.

Thank you for reading today. As always, what do you want more of? Less of? And if you found value please like, comment, and subscribe to my email list!

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