Building a Business that Works, so you don’t have to

Have you ever wanted to start a company, or make money on the side?

Most people say yes to that question. After all, it’s a note worthy goal. The ability to sip a margarita on the beach while money’s pumping into the accounts is very attractive.

But the problem with most entrepreneurs today, is they go to work in their business. As they become successful, they lose their free time… the exact thing they set out to create.

So what makes a successful entrepreneur that produces income while sipping a margarita on the Beach vs the other whos bought themselves a job?

I believe it comes down to beginning with the end in mind. What vehicle provides the outcome you’re looking for? Is it a blog, brick and mortar business, digital marketing, etc?

The vehicle has to have scalability and deliver on a specific value creation, day in and day out. It doesn’t have to be something revolutionary. Think McDonalds.

Everytime someone goes to McDonalds they have a problem, hunger, McDonalds delivers on its solution, fries and a burger, and the customer is happy and McDonalds make their money too.

Yet, the owner of that business isn’t making the burgers. Why? Because they’re involved in a business that works, so they don’t have to.

Let’s take an example from my everyday life. For example, one of my goals is to work less than 20 hours a week and make $1,000+ a day completely independent of location.

So to acquire that, I must create or buy a vehicle, a business model, that allows that to occur. Today, I do that in two ways.

1. This Blog Eventually (through creating products and services)

2. A Online Networking group I co-founded with a friend.

But I could also achieve this dream by acquiring real estate or buying existing businesses. I’ve decided on these vehicles for now because they match my passion; connecting and sharing with others.

While my partner and I build the networking business, we’re constantly thinking about how to build a business that works, so we don’t have to. That forces us to document all processes, create scripts for sales and recruiting purposes, get clear on our mission and story, and much more.

Everything we do focuses on building a business that works, so one day we can outsource, hire a GM, and they’ll know exactly which KPIs (numbers) are important; if they’re missing them or if they’re on target.

By now I think you get the picture. If you’re also looking to build a life completely independent of location where money is pumping into your pocket virtually, join me!

We’ll walk this journey together and grow along the way. Comment below if that’s you!

Just remember, the vehicle you pick must mean a lot to you because it’ll ultimately dictate your willingness to take it through to fruition, even when it’s hard and scary.

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading! Like always, what did you like from today’s post? What do you want more of? Less of?

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