Copy Whats Working

You want to succeed and make a ton of money. Yet you feel stuck and overwhelmed.

“What business should I pursue?”

“How will I be different?”

“What makes me special?”

A big mistake people make is acting like nobody has created a successful business before.

The problem with beginning entrepreneurs is they think they have to come up with the next Apple.

I mean if it’s not revolutionary than it’s not valuable, right?


This assumption kills dreams faster than anything I know. When we make the “what I have to do to be successful” seem so far away and difficult, we either never get started or overwhelm ourselves completely.

And it truly doesn’t have to be this way.


“Copy whats working? Isn’t that illegal, or just bad business?”


I’ve created many “businesses”: A Craigslist resale business, a boat party business, a mental health blog, a shoe business, and many others projects.

As someone whose been around the block, I know entrepreneurs would be much better off by copying what’s working.

Of course there are aspects of your business that need to be proprietary, but copying 99% of everything else.

Copy how to post on social media, how to generate leads, how to setup the business physically, and more.

Here’s a Three Step Plan to get out of your head:

  1. Decide on a problem your passionate about solving
  2. Choose one thing that will make you different (product, customer service, operational excellence, etc)
  3. Copy EVERYTHING else

Look, I know what you’re thinking, “How can I make money copying other people?”

Because it works!

Think about how many burger joints are successful. What makes them successful?

Well they copied most things from other businesses that were working: The way to setup the shop, the drive thru window, the fries combo… you get the point!

If you’re sick of feeling stuck, it doesn’t have to be that way. Like above, find a problem you want to solve, decide one way you’ll be different, and copy everything else.

You’ll end up feeling so liberated. Not to mention, future you will thank you for keeping things super simple.

Business can really be… That. Simple.

Did you find this helpful? Comment below!

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