Business doesn’t have to be hard

Have you ever felt like business is so hard?

I definitely have!

The problem with starting a business today is that we’re taught to have a complicated business plan and make it all perfect.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I was listening to Barbara from Shark Tank yesterday and she spoke how it’s about to finding a product and just going to sell it.

Like literally in the street or door to door trying to sell it.

What is the feedback?

What do people think?

They’ll always be people who aren’t a product market fit at any given point in time, but is there any interest?

If there’s interest continue to sell it, incorporate, and scale.

If not, either pivot the product, marketing story, or market segment.

You can build the life of your dreams and be all you can be. It starts with that simple idea you’ve been thinking of.

Get out there. Get started. And adjust along the way.

Action is the real measure of intelligence. Inaction is retardation” – Dan Peña

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