3 Steps to Finding a Job You Love While Building a Biz on the Side

Have you ever heard quitting your day job being the only path to entrepreneurship?

While this might work for some, this may not fit their risk tolerance profile for others.

The problem with completely abandoning earned income in hopes of making or buying a business is that it’s very risky and usually takes way longer than expected.

Thankfully today it doesn’t have to be that way.

Millions of individuals are buildings small businesses completely online through YouTube, Instagram, courses, email marketing and more.

While that won’t be my focus today, and there are many others more qualified to speak on that

I will teach how to find a job you love.

Checkout the three steps below to find a job you love:

  1. Know yourself: Based on past experiences, what are the roles you’ve loved the most? What have you hated the most? For every past role, I want you to right don’t a pros and cons chart. What you loved and what you hated. For future positions, you must only accept positions which role is primarily focused on the aspects you’ve loved about previous ones.
  2. Find people you love: If you’ll spend at least 40 hours a week at work, you better find people you’d love to work with. Court the people you may be working with. View them online. Meet them for coffee. Don’t accept any position without going through a serious due diligence process.
  3. Set clear goals and intentions: Set exactly what you will want to learn about and experience in the role. Share that with your manager. When you clearly demonstrate what you anticipate the role to be and not be, you can always reference back to that if your role begins to sway off its original plan.

That’s it for today.

We spend so much time at work we better love the role and the people we experience it with!

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