Business Simplified in 2 minutes or less

Business as you know it in a nutshell. I’m not sure who this will serve, but this is something I wish I had access to. Below is a list and order of operations on how to find a customer, build a product for that customer, determine messaging to deliver that value, hire people excited to be apart of that mission, and to lead them throughout the way.

Don’t skip steps

Hope you enjoy.

Dream Customer: Begin with the dream customer. Too many people build a product then determine how to sell it. First establish who to serve and build a product the customers would love. Think of the customer and innovate particularly for them.

Value-Add: Deliver a product that adds 10X the cost of the product/service. For a person to part ways with their money it’s not enough to just provide something that’s worth the money. One has to create a product/service that is undoubtably exponentially better than having the money.

Sales System: Considering the dream customer and where they already congregate, build a sales process that integrates with this. For example, if targeting a partying crowd, sell where partygoers are. If selling a digital product, go where people are already shopping for tech etc.

Marketing Collateral: Make sure the Marketing tells a story. Keep it short and sweet. Nobody gives a crap about your company history. Tell them how you can solve their problem in 2 seconds or less. “Healthy Food at your doorstep. Everyday.” Something so stupid and basic that illustrates the problem you solve. Secondly, any other marketing collateral needs to have these components:

Testimonials of those who used the product and received a solution to the problem they were after.

Logos of big names or brands that have used the product service in the past with succcess.

Statistics that illustrate number of users appreciating the product or service. Growth rates, new users, trusted partners, etc. Pick a metric that matters to the dream customer. You may have to fluff it in the beginning. We all start somewhere.

Pictures related: Perhaps before and after photos of some sort.

Recruiting: Recruit people who are excited about serving that dream customer. People must be excited about serving as an aspect of that mission. Hire for potential, not just experience.

Sales: Everything else in line should make sales easy. If you have a sales issue it’s most likely a problem in the above, not the sales person. If all ducks are in a row between the product, the story, the marketing, and sales process, the problem is likely the person. Fire the sales rep and get a new person. When you know you know… a good sales rep will produce 5X the avg.

Leadership: Regularly Pump People up to serve the large vision of the company. By pump up I mean systemize reminders of how many dream customers are served, the impact the company is having, recognize good behaviors, gross sales of the week, etc.

Set clear roles responsibilities and expectations. If people feel they are a part of doing something great and serving the dream customer excites them – all people need beyond that is love and compassion. Say Hello, listen, care, and watch the money pump in.

Hope you liked this simplified version of business. Comment below if you want to connect.

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