One right business can equal 1000X

I’ve spoke about this before, but I think it’s really important for entrepreneurs worldwide.

You only have to be right once.

What does this mean?

Think about Baseball. A batter gets the opportunity to just keep swinging.

Everyday she gets to swing and swing until three strikes and they’re out.

Eventually, she gets the opportunity to get back up to bat.

But this time it’s different. The batter smashes it out of the park.


How many runs does the batter get?

Up to four.

And keep in mind she really only got three opportunities. Strike one, two, and three!

In business, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Over the course of a lifetime, and entrepreneur gets the opportunity to keep swinging.

One idea after another. One more product launch. Another company solving a different problem etc

Why is this important?

Two big reasons.

  1. An Entrepreneur gets unlimited swings, not just three.
  2. An Entrepreneur can get paid 1000X an initial investment in time, energy, and capital. Not just four runs.

How can you use this to energize you to just keep going?

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