Ask your way to success

Do you ask a lot of questions?

When I was growing up, I would ask my Dad tons of questions.

I was curious about everything.

Sometimes he’d give me an answer, and sometimes he wouldn’t.

But hey… back then there wasn’t google! I had to ask my way to success.

I wanted to know even the simplest things.

“Why’d they do that? Why does this work like that? What is the (fill in the blank)”

Little did I know this trait was allowing me to collect data fast.

Circling back to my point…

In life and entrepreneurship, the game is how fast can you learn the right answers, so you can execute on them.

Are you constantly asking questions about things you don’t know?

A vocab word you didn’t know.

A technology you’d never seen.

A new way a salesman re-positions the product for the customer.

I’d love to encourage everyone reading this to ask a lot of questions.

Be curious. Collect data.

It will serve you on the highest level to know the truth faster than most people.

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