Gratitude in Life and Business

Have you ever felt in a down slump?

I’ve been there before and probably will be again in the near future.

Today, life seems less about accomplishing and more about enjoying the experiences along the way.

Moment by moment.

On a blog about business why would I talk about gratitude?

Well, there is always another mountain to climb. Another sale to have. More costs to cut.

But there may not be another moment.

Like this one.

Or this one.

How can we strive to be grateful in our life and business?

Below is my non-exhaustive list. Some ideas that come to mind that have helped me and perhaps you too:

  • General Fitness: My best moments of this human experience have been when my body and mind are fit. Healthy. And happy. Workout regularly even if only 10,000 steps a day.
  • High quality sleep: Do your best to sleep 8 hours a night. At least 7 regularly. Forget the crap that people can operate well on 5. I’d put a lot of money on the quality of life dropping in overall lightness and playfulness on less than 7 hours.
  • Significant social experiences: We all need friends to communicate with. To share experiences. To reinforce one another in meaningful ways.
  • A form of spiritual life: Find what works for you. Follow a set a moral and ethical principles and practice regularly.
  • Journal daily: Jot down the good bad and ugly. But most importantly write some things your grateful for daily.
  • Compliment others in the moment: Each moment of sharing something special about someone else helps one feel good and helps another feel good. Let’s have more of those experiences.
  • Apply your trade: Self esteem is wrapped around being able to apply what we’re good at. Do more of it!

Praying you all can be grateful everyday. For the little things. As that’s all we have.

With love


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