In a remote world you can work and live anywhere

Have you dreamed of living and working elsewhere?

In a world where remote work is possible, seems to be that the only thing stopping you from working where you want is you.

Yesterday we spoke about two ways to structure a life to do so.

1. Business Acquisition

2. Online Biz Start Up

Today, I’ll add a third.

I suppose there is no reason why the corporate America job can’t be shipped overseas.

So, number 3 is remote job.

Imagine making a simple 50K a year yet living in Thailand.

Or Colombia.

Or Serbia.

The world is your oyster!

The arbitrage in currencies and economies allow the standard 50K salary in USA to go far longer in these other countries.

Brazil is up to 5 times less expensive than standard US cities.

Colombia 2-3 times.

This is not even considering Asian areas like Bali, known for its high quality of living yet low costs.

Additionally, costs that are fixed like car insurance may become obsolete if moving to another country.

Making this even more affordable…

Learn how you can find remote work overseas with a simple google search.

Your future you might thank you!

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