Are you moving in line with your financial goals?

Do you have financial and career goals?

What are they?

Often times I find myself reflecting on my goals.

Do they still mean much to me? Am I moving in alignment with them?

I’m curious as to what yours are. I find myself most interested today in build an income 2X my cost of living while working only 20-30 hrs per week.

This gives a balance of positive personal cashflow and free time for fun stuff!

I believe most people think they would want to cut that 20-30 hrs to 0 hours, but I’ve had no work before…

… and I don’t think that’s good for mental health!

As humans we need to be doing something!

Moving towards some goal!

So, I’d encourage you to ask yourself this question.

What is your desired lifestyle?

Where would you live?

What would you do?

How often would you like to work on a project you’re passionate about?

The answers to these questions give you a number based on cost of living for lifestyle and average costs in that’s geographical area.

For example $3500 if living in São Paolo, Brazil.

Determine what that number is and reverse engineer your life towards that goal!

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