Are you making a plan or blindly optimistic about your future?

Would you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist?

It’s always interesting to me to hear how others view the future.

Will it be bright? Dark? Or somewhere in between

Recently, I read a book about starts ups and the Future called Zero to One.

In this book, it highlights an idea that more of us need to sink into.

Imagine a graph with four quadrants.

On one side there’s Optimist and Pessimist, the other Definite, and Indefinite.

What does this mean?

Well, when you run the categories together four options come out the other side.

  1. The Definite Optimist
  2. The Indefinite Optimist
  3. The Definite Pessimist
  4. The Indefinite Pessimist

Why does this matter?

Each of us are more or less in one category.

And the category we are currently in doesn’t have to be where we end up.

Let’s say right now you’re pessimistic. And not only are you pessimistic, but you know exactly why you’re pessimistic and what will go wrong in the future.

A definite pessimist.

With focus, research, and planning this can be changed.

For example,

Let’s say you feel Artificial Intelligence is going to takeover the world.

You “know” the problem is in ethics and after 3-5 years AI will turn evil and be smarter than the humans that created it.

A definite pessimistic outlook.

Well, let’s say you noticed the problem. And chose to actively address it.

You could create innovative products and services to address this potential within in 2-3 years (before the negative outlook).

You’ve now created a plan, a definite plan, and you’re optimistic about its results…

A true definite optimist!

Why do I bring this up?

There are many issues facing the world today that need your help.

Not somebody else’s.

You can change the future.


Build up the skill sets to understand entrepreneurship at its core.

From advertising to leadership…

Become a generalist that knows a little about all aspects of business and innovation.

A master orchestrator.

Become a person with enough humility to know when you’re bad at something and hire an expert.

Delegate and dominate.

To your future!


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