Should an entrepreneur stick to one thing at a time?

Have you ever been told to stick with one thing?

Maybe sticking to one thing is great advice for most.

But maybe it’s terrible advice for others!

What do you think?

If I look at my past, I’ve spent a lot of time with multiple projects moving at once.

Sort of like a chef, cooking different things at once, but moving the pans around as things go on the back burners until becoming relevant again and moving to the front.

After a chat with a friend today, on if it’s possible to be productive at multiple things at once, and his thoughts on it…

I believe the answer depends on the person.

There are some people who operate best with one project at a time.

Others still who need a couple things going on at once.

But check this out…

If we look at life in general, we are all juggling multiple things at once.

Family, friends, learning, work, hobbies, going out, kids, etc

Why can’t someone have multiple entrepreneurial projects at once?

Perhaps the answer lies in the middle.

For example, I’ve also heard the argument that when something is in infancy it needs a lot of focus.

Sort of like a tree, in its beginning stages it needs lots of water, close monitoring, and regular sunlight, but not full exposure.

However, as the tree begins to grow older and stronger, it becomes more robust.

Needing less of the owners management as it’s roots grow deeper creating sustainability and stability.

Regardless, there may not be a black or white answer here.

I want to know your thoughts!

Can an entrepreneur do multiple projects at once?

Or are they wasting their time and lacking discipline?

Comment below.

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