What gets measured gets managed

Have you spent time avoiding the numbers that matter?

It’s interesting that we can avoid the things that matter most even when we know it.

Knowing your numbers may be the most important thing for your business and life!

… but if you’re like most people you don’t know what to start.

That’s okay because we’ll go together here.

Let’s think about your business in general and life as well.

What are the important metrics to you?

Here are some examples for business and then life plus practical steps on how to watch them:

For business:

  • Number of sales calls made
  • Closing ratio
  • Cash flow
  • and many more…

For life:

  • Time spent with family
  • Hours at the gym
  • Number of minutes meditated
  • And much more…

If you can watch these numbers and manage them, just the awareness alone will allow you to perform better!

Create an excel spreadsheet of all the metrics that matter to you.

Input the data weekly or monthly and watch yourself improve!

What numbers and metrics are important?

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