Feeling stuck in business?

Have you ever felt stuck in business?

There’s no doubt sales and marketing are hard. What’s even harder is settling on a brand, audience, and market you want to serve…

… for the long haul.

And have you ever struggled to pursue just 1 idea?

Have you had issues knowing which segment to target?

Which product was right?

I can tell you from experience that one area I’ve recently struggled in is exactly how and what product to market and sell.

Let’s rewind for a minute.

I’ve been told before to focus on an audience, know their problems, and create products and services to help them.

But what happens if you’re unsure with step one?

Recently I’ve realized to be successful in online marketing and sales it’s imperative to focus on something you’ve experience before.

Something you’re an “expert” in and understanding deeply.

So here it goes…

If you have felt any of the above issues before, here’s how I’ve dealt with it and what you can do too!

  1. Determine something you have a lot of experience in.
    • Biking, Swimming, Being a mom, etc
    • Something you understand the problems of that person
  2. Determine who you want to serve
    • Who do you want to serve within that audience?
  3. Define their problems
    • What issues do they experience?
    • Sleep deprivation, time management, gaining weight etc are just some problems your people might have
  4. Create products and services to solve their issues
    • Shadow test in magazines and ads to see if the market will bite on those products services
  5. Market those products or services

Bottom line: If you’re experiencing issues creating a product or service customers may want. Know I’m still there and have been in the past. The above notes will give you ideas and focus to move forward.

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