Nobody has free time

Nobody has free time. In fact, I believe today there are more distractions begging for your attention than ever before.

“But I have goals. And I want to achieve them!”

So, you have goals, but no time. Here my tip today, aside from the standard…

“Make a commitment and stick to it.”

What do I have to offer?

Learn to create integration. Integrate the things you want to do with activities you already do. The following may not be your cup of tea, but they work for me. Let’s say my Target: Read more books…

I already go to the gym to workout. In effort to get books in, I walk to the gym. It takes about 45-60 minutes to get there. So, let’s call it’s 90 minutes. If the average book is 8 hrs, I’m able to consume at least a book a week.

There are others areas to do this as well. Instead of driving to work, perhaps you can take an Uber. With someone else driving maybe you have time to build that website on your phone (if that’s a goal of yours.)

Or if you live in a metro area, take the subway and work on your phone.

Or let’s say you want to spend more time with a specific friend. Why not invite them to the gym? Not every workout has to be extremely intense with headphones in. Learn to be social while doing something you already do.

What other places can you integrate a goal into your everyday life?

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