Adding value to others

Have you ever heard to be a good networker that you have know how to provide value first?

But what value?

I write this note for anyone looking for some ideas regarding how to build value to acquire strategic relationships.

Education: Believe it or not, genuine education on a subject matter of those who you hope to connect with is valuable. In a casual conversation, if you can provide some insight and answers that’ll help them… that’s valuable! Get educated on the subjects others might be interested in.

Network: Obviously, the relationships you build and nurture are very important as warm introductions to anyone you may meet in the future are valuable.

Small Value Exchanges: I recommend providing cool articles, books recommendations, interesting ideas, etc that may help the person you’re looking to network with in their personal or professional life. Do some research on the person you look to befriend, learn their interests, and share some insights.

Genuinely Care: In time with remote work being normal and social media being how people communicate, it’s easy to stand out by genuinely caring about others in person.

Be patient in conversation. Say please and thank you. Care about someone’s family, how they’re doing, what they’re interested in. You’ll become memorable.

Any other notes you’d want to add? Comment below your thoughts.

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