Hang around

Ever missed your shot the first time around?

Today, I’m talking about in a sales and networking sense, but perhaps this will be analogous to other parts of your life.

Recently, I was getting lunch with someone I respect, who it took me awhile to connect with. This person is very successful in their industry and somehow decided to spend some time with me.

Now why did he do that? Well, over the course of the conversation he told me the only reason he took the time was because I kept texting him.

Now I didn’t do this everyday, but over the course of 6 months or so, I reached out periodically. He told me it’s because I “hung around long enough” he knew he should answer and spend that time.

Now what does this mean for you?

• Did you get shut down? Try again

• Did you miss the sale? Reach back out

• Was your dream job not hiring at the time? Hang around!

Anything you want in life is possible if you just hang around long enough. Persist and demand what you want from the world. Eventually, and I do mean eventually (not immediately), it’ll crack… and God will give you a break.

Stay safe and talk soon!

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