Values based living

Ever faced a hard decision, but stuck to your guns?

In life and business it’s critically important to operate from a set of values.

Set aside some time to learn and discover what that means for you.

Are you serious about doing what you say you would?

Or maybe you’re more interested in having fun and creating deep relationships?

The decisions we make on a day to day basis should align with our set of values.

A question to ask is: “Well, how do I know what my values are?”

As mentioned previously, take as many strengths and weaknesses tests as possible. This will help in various ways.

You’ll learn about yourself, but also know quickly if yours align others.

You can simply ask, “What are your values?” or “What are the values of this organization?” depending on the context of casual friendship, dating, or even a job interview.

This helps to short circuit the process of discovering if you should pursue further.

Take this with a grain of salt as asking these questions may not be the best conversation starters. There is a time and place for everything!

Plus, extended periods of observation will surface an individual’s, group of friend’s, or organization’s values.

In conclusion, when you begin to develop your set of values, it provides a roadmap for operating in the world which we live.

Like a friend, Verne, author of “Scaling Up” says, “Values are neither good or bad. They just are!

Embrace what’s important to you and get out there and do it!

Wishing you lots of success.

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