Always be learning

Studying from a mentor who I think highly of, he discussed how if you’re not embarrassed by who you were a year ago, you’re not learning enough.

I thought it interesting.

Consider this.

In determining a good business to enter or job to accept, it helps to consider the growth of the market.

How fast is it growing?

Well, a great market may be growing at 10-15% CAGR (continued annual growth rate).

But here’s a twist in perspective.

What if you can control the biggest value building vehicle (yourself) through taking the time to learn new things.

Do you think you can grow more than 20-30% in a year? After all, that is the best a business or industry will experience.

Further, if one can grow personally and become 200-300% more valuable to the marketplace year over year, its only a matter of time before the marketplace rewards this person.

Always be learning, as they say. And grow faster than others. Ultimately, you’ll get whats yours.

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