The Secret to Sales Conversion

Ask for the business.

That’s it. Ask for the business.

Between self esteem issues, confusion, uncertainty, perceived objections, and a million other complicated reasons, sales people make their job more complicated than it needs to be.

Assuming you are in a sales process and cycle where the decision maker(s) are in front of you and can make a decision for themselves — ask for the business crisply and pause. Thats it!

Do not put in random fillers and BS to make the situation “less awkward.” Ask for the business and pause. They will either accept your sale by approving to purchase or they may tell you their real objection(s).

However, you cannot hear their real objection until you decide to ask for the business, pause, and listen. Watch your sales increase by just asking crisply and waiting for response. Usually the customer will stumble on themselves and oblige realizing they were the ones being unreasonable.

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