This Student Loan Issue Needs to Stop

Student loan debt and those engaged in facilitating exuberant loans should be audited for criminal activity!

It is borderline predatory to mandate youth pay debts over the course of their lifetime of which they assumed when they were most vulnerable (i.e young and dumb)!!

For those which assumed the loans for specialized skills sets (doctors, lawyers, etc) …

… what happens if interests change ?? (Which can occur under normal course of life)

It is the only debt unforgivable under any circumstances. WTF

If that is not indentured servitude, I don’t know what is!

Education should be low cost or NO cost!

Debt burdens should be reduced or eliminated if circumstances change!

Unlike other debts (business loans, mortgage loans, which can be collateralized ) student debts force the human resource — an individual — to operate indefinitely until debt burden is reduced?

That is screwed up!!

Lower costs, do something about the reduction for debt burden , etc

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