Marketing Management Vs Tactics

Marketing can be so esoteric… “you got to find that special positioning to attract a ton of customers.”

And marketing can be confusing “make sure you understand FB ads, nothing else matters. You must get FB right — this is the future!”

What does this all mean?

What the hell is marketing anyway?

In my experience, it helps to understand that each tactic (FB, YouTube, networking, SEO, etc) should be a part of a larger strategy (managing the marketing plan and tactics performance) where one focuses on differentiation throughout.

Confused yet? Look… We have to keep it simple here. Here’s how I see it:

Marketing management is that time of the day, week, month where one goes back to see how all tactics are performing.

While still focused on levering a specific differentiation within each of those tactics or channels.

It seems best to focus on marketing management and how to test and position differentiation rather than become overly focused on tactics.

Why? Tactics may become obsolete quickly. What works today on YouTube may not work tomorrow.

However, learning to test the pulse of the consumer, stake a unique positioning, and manage the universe of tactics through a management plan — is a timeless marketing pursuit. Energies should be focused here.

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