He thought his future was bright, but what happened next will shock you

Today’s post is to remind you that you have greatness in your future. It is quite funny how the human mind typically works. For myself, and perhaps most of us, our brain is regularly trying to control and project what the future will look like.

It uses assessments from what we currently know to be possible with all of our current resources, understanding, and paradigms. Yet, it often forgets to account for all the great random positive experiences that could happen — like meeting that new business partner, discovering an emerging industry, stumbling upon a newfound passion, and other life changing experiences.

So today, please know that your future can be much brighter than your current comprehension. Determine what you would go after if limits did not exist! It is better if you do not currently know how to make it happen. Expect and prepare for all the spontaneous and random miracles to occur!

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