Know your strengths and weaknesses and reverse engineer your workflow

Do you struggle with seeing projects through?

It can be a good idea to really be brutally honest with yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses.

For example, in my experience, I am extremely interested in projects and make things happen quicker and faster than pretty much any of my contemporaries.

The issue, or weakness, becomes that I am very distracted. I can get enthused with several projects at once and the dilution of energy can cause a lack in effectiveness. This is me being brutally honest with myself.

Therefore, why not create workflow based on my strengths and weaknesses?

Why not choose to forego operational commitments, only work big picture with lots of variety, and have implementers and managers and partners that can see things through?

The world is your oyster when you know your strengths and weaknesses, yet choose to engineer your life around them.

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