Copy this technique and get rich quick

Have you ever copied someone? Hmm… don’t answer that. Actually, yeah… please keep that to yourself haha.

It’s funny, because in school and university we are penalized for copying others. Yet in the real world of business, it can help to copy others.

“Brock, what are you saying?”

Yes. That’s right, I said it… copy others!

If you copy others, it’s almost guaranteed that there is a market for what you are doing.

You can guarantee with reasonable certainty that you can achieve equal to or close to equal success as that person/business.

But what should you copy?

You shouldn’t copy everything for example, but you should copy a lot of the business systems, techniques, organizational chart, vendors, etc.

But don’t copy everything! Choose to innovate where it counts — a different strategy, customer experience, or any other special spice and flavor of your offering.

It would take muuuuch longer to create something of value if you didn’t copy some 90+% of what’s already working in the market.

What are your thoughts on this?

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