Marketing tips for a confused world

How are you marketing your small business?

The problem with being an entrepreneur is we get paid to be generalists — to know a little about a lot.

In terms of marketing, here’s the nuts and bolts.

Work to build a brand, story, or differentiating factor(s).

These are the reasons why the customer should care.

Done right, this separates one from the sea of sameness. (marketing jargon)

After that, get the message out.

This will be done through tactics.

Think — radio, newspaper columns, canvassing, etc.

Make sure the story / differentiators are distributed clearly within the tactics.

Get all sales and marketing collateral to work to continue to tell the story.

If you have trouble determining what can make your company different, US citizens should contact the local SBDC for free advice.

Otherwise, use surveys like survey monkey to test assumptions of what the customer cares about.

That’s it for today.



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