Stop chasing money before you know this one thing

Are you drawn by the desire for money?

If you’re anything like me, it’s alluring. The success, the assets, the Cashflow…

It’s all so attractive.

The problem with this paradigm… is it may disregard the opportunities and depths of personal growth that can occur independent of financial growth.

For example, I believe one can grow deeply spiritually, personally, in relationships, in emotional intelligence, and much much more…

… and all this growth can occur before one needs to be rich to benefit.

There are areas of life that require little to no financial resources yet can reap rewards far beyond what money can buy.

Worded differently: Money stifles creativity. Resourcefulness as a mindset and skillset and the emotional stability around that…

May pay dividends beyond what any stock can provide.



Remember: You are powerful beyond measure. Keep moving forward. You got this!

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