Shining light on the “Find Your Purpose” Crap! – Pt. 1

You’ve heard it before.

The Facebook Gurú, or YouTube Ad, saying if you can only find your purpose… you’ll be successful.

Better yet, they’ll help you get centered with who you are and what you should dedicate your life to.

It sounds great.

Actually, it sounds better than great.

Best of all? (For the “guru” that is)

It can’t be measured.

That’s why there are thousands of individuals and firms working to capitalize on this.

It’s almost impossible to quantify if the deliverable (centered peace, passion, and purpose) was actually accomplished.

(Okay maybe it’s not this dark, but it’s one perspective to subscribe to LOL)


The problem with their approach?

A person will shed who they are and what their interests are throughout life.

What one is interested in at 16 is different than 18, 25, 35, and major life events change circumstances.

Let this settle in.

What should one do instead?

Follow a framework.

Learn from iterations of life.

Imagine it now…

A predictable method and process to onboard new ideas and abandon what does not serve you.

I have more to add to this, but it’s getting late…

I’ll comment more tomorrow in in part 2.

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