Shining light on the “Find Your Purpose” Crap! – Pt. 2

Alright, so yesterday I went over how most gurus approach finding purpose may be wrong.

And their inclination to help you get there may be unnecessary.

You could do all the legwork yourself with a touch of resourcefulness.

Let’s begin.

In order to forecast the future, it may help to learn from the past.

For example, after every job I quit…

I conduct what the army calls a AAR or After Action Review.

It’ll itemize all the conditions that were set before, what happened, and how to learn in the future.

For example, the following questions may be useful after quitting a job:

What were the conditions in which I started?

What were the assumptions about the job, salary, culture, etc?

What was the reality about the job, salary culture, etc?

What did I like?

What did I dislike?

What could be done next time?

How can I learn from this experience?

Going through this process in your career is an evolutionary process with several iterations and will ultimately surface the elements of work that you enjoy, find stimulating, and otherwise want more of.

Doing this in my professional life has allowed me to get closer to my ideal role as I continue to learn about myself and the world around me

In addition to the above, learn to trust your gut.

If you think you want to be an astronaut…

Go for it!

Just don’t forget to ask some basic questions…

What are the conditions in which I’m making this decision?

What are my assumptions about being an astronaut?

What are the assumptions about why I’d be enthused by it?

How can I test those to be true before taking the leap? (Internships, volunteering, education, and more)

What else should I know before allocating time and resources?

That’s it for today.

God Bless and Good Luck,


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See you on the other side!

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