People don’t change. Build these transferable skills

Do you want to succeed in business?

The one thing you might be missing is the psychology behind humans.

We all think the same and we act and make decisions based on the same type of information and biases.

In order for you to be successful, you may benefit from knowing:

1. What information to surface in marketing campaigns

2. The weapons of influence behind it

To go into number one, it may help you to surface certain information in marketing campaigns and collateral like:

• statistics, other companies, other people, testimonials, case studies, awards, badges, anything generally that should stand out to the customer.

To go into the second, it’s that we all make decisions based off of the same fundamental concepts notated in Robert C. Book Influence.

He stated that we all make decisions based off of scarcity, social proof, reciprocity, authority, acting consistently with what we say, and a couple other fundamental concepts.

If you learn to surface the right information and present it in a way that demonstrates authority, social proof, or any of these other weapons of influence… The offers you make may produce more results.

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