Design Your Life Like An Architect

Have you ever seen a rendering of a building?

Like I’m talking before an architect builds anything…

You see… Architexts are asked to submit to the customer and city strict images, video, and blueprints of what will be built.

This includes size, specifications, colors, you name it!

In fact, a rendering is an exact example of what will be built before it’s created.

But have you ever thought to do this with your life?

You see…

They say reality is created twice.

First in the mind.

Second in reality.

There is a tremendous amount of upfront work that must be done,

In the form of belief and specification


Reality can be built.

And the reality of your life!

So, I ask today…

Why don’t you build your life like an architect?

Begin today to create a rendering in your mind.

Of the exact specifications of your life before you build it!

Think about it all.

Relationships, family life, well-being, social life, extra curriculars, travel, hobbies, economic situation…

The whole thing!

Know it all in great detail and imagine it in your mind as if it’s already true.

You will soon make it so!

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