How and why to live a balanced life

Do you live a balanced life?

If you’re anything like me… You struggle with this and are always looking to develop in this way.

I have had seasons of my life where I only focused on my professional life and others (like now) where I’m doing a little bit of everything and as of now, I’ll chose this life way better than others.

But first things first…

Why live a balanced life?

To some this might seem elementary…

But I see it as a legitimate question!

I mean after all a lot of the success gurus promote all waking hours focused on one area.

So… why live a balanced life?

Here are my top three reasons to do so.

1. Emotional Stability

2. Having Fun & Entertainment

3. Sustainability

First, emotional stability is extremely important. I’ve found that things in my mind, body, and spirit are most in harmony when I’m driving several aspects of my life forward. Also, if I was say, only focused on my professional life, what happens if my business fails? I would likely be thrown for an emotional rollercoaster because that was the one and only thing important to be. Having several parts of your life you’re excited about can help keep you at emotional equilibrium if and when the inevitable bad things occur.

Second, having fun and entertainment. Life is too short not to enjoy it. I believe relationships, experiences, free time, and sports to be such rich experiences that I feel luxurious when I have them. To me, I don’t need material things if all the other aspects of my life are humming along — friends, family, endeavors, professional enjoyment, and more. Besides, life is full of risk. Don’t delay having some good times because you could be gone tomorrow.

Third, sustainability. If I am too focused on my professional life, it is not sustainable. One of my other human needs will eventually kick in to have the good things in life like friends, family, an intimate relationship, free time to enjoy, time off, and more. Another example is that’s it is not sustainable to only have entertainment in life like going out. Eventually one needs money or to focus on their health.


Now that I got that out of the way.

Here are the five tips in order to live the balanced life.

1. Have a plan for each area of focus: for example, if someone wants to be healthy, they should have a health plan. If someone wants to be healthy and wealthy. They should also have a wealth plan. Decide on the areas of life that are important to you like relationships, spirituality, family time, health, wealth, entertainment, and more and have general plans for each of them and stick to the plans!

2. Hang out with balanced people: It’s a lot easier to be balanced when other people around you also are. This is because you’ll pickup things from them and they won’t berate you for wanting a nice simple and balanced life. Anyone pushing you down because they believe life is supposed to be focused on only X or Y will eventually get at you.

3. Workout and Meditate: Just working out alone will help you be more balanced. To take a couple hours out of your day in order to workout takes time and focus away from other areas. Also, meditating is good to because it can help promote objectivity and general wellness allowing you to have some consciousness on what you’re doing and not doing in life.

4. Allow yourself to like multiple things: I think to live a balanced life it’s important you allow yourself to be interested in more things than one. There shouldn’t be any internal friction when you decide to take some time to spend with your family for example. If your current psychology and mental talk berates you when you decide to take some time off for you and away from work… it will be hard to remain balanced over the long haul. Reduce any internal friction going on.

5. Get good sleep: Don’t trash your sleep. To be balanced you have to sleep a lot. Sleep promotes mood and general wellness and is important to us for many reasons. In order to be balanced you must sleep a lot.

What would you add to this list? Add to the comments below…

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