This one thing will ruin your chances as an entrepreneur

There are many highs and lows of Entrepreneurship. Many of these lessons compiled together create experiences. These experiences are then interpreted by the entrepreneur to mean something. If the entrepreneur does not maintain non bias towards those experiences, she may learn a “lesson” that is not true.

For example, let’s say sally wants to get more business. She decides to spend money on marketing. She chooses to spend $500 on Google ads, $500 on direct mail, and $1,000 on her website. She runs her business this way for about a month.

But what happens?

She gets no leads. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

She takes this experience and logs it in her mind as marketing does not work. She forms a “lesson” in her Entrepreneurship mindset that believes marketing is all just a waste of money.

Sally continues this way for years and her business never grows beyond word of mouth, but at least she doesn’t “waste” money on marketing.

I trust you glean the moral of this post. Be critical in identifying what bias you may be operating from and have the courage and sense to rework some of your inaccurate philosophies

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