Product Market Fit is a Myth

Product Market Fit - We have all heard it before - Conduct focus groups, do the market research, find out what surveys reveal by asking the right questions. But are the above facts really true? Or just a bunch of bullshit we’ve been led to believe. I think it’s a question worth asking. Let me … Continue reading Product Market Fit is a Myth

Small Starts. Big Results

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your current results will be your end results. Ray Kroc didn’t start McDonalds until late it life . Kernel Sanders of KFC the same. Sam Walton of Walmart didn’t open Walmart until he was 42. All that you’re doing today is collecting experience. All of your little improvements … Continue reading Small Starts. Big Results

Why waiting is wrong! Notes on Just Getting Started

Do you have an entrepreneurial idea? Or maybe a business you’d like to start? To have ideas and be entrepreneurial is a great thing But waiting on the sidelines is bad. Very bad. Let me give you an example. I have a friend who I see occasionally. Every time I see him he is planning … Continue reading Why waiting is wrong! Notes on Just Getting Started

How to name a new business

Have you struggled to decide on a business name? The reason why you’re struggling is because you’re uncertain if you’ll like it And of course if the market will like it And if it’ll stand the test of time All these are valid concerns… Well, after founding over 10 companies I can tell you exactly … Continue reading How to name a new business

1% Better Each Day

Have you ever grown before? Im talking a season where you just slammed an aspect of your life and saw results… Maybe in the gym! Maybe in your professional life! But there’s one thing that occurred for sure. You were getting better everyday If you just focus on doing that… Growing in each area that’s … Continue reading 1% Better Each Day